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Unformatted text preview: S8 Market Data 1.Primary Market Data Marketers collect specifically for a particular purpose through focus groups, surveys, or experiments. Secondary Market Data Marketers gather from already published sources, like an industry association, study, or census reports. 2.Interviews a. Interview 1 Dad i. Most companies are already taking steps forward to become more environmentally friendly because it appeals to their customers. ii. Most companies have not changed their technologies but have change small things like whether they recycle or how much of certain materials they use. iii. Though it would make some companies more efficient, the cost outweighs the gain, so if you want to do something like this it would probably have to be a nonprofit and you would want to make sure their were a decent amount of donors. b. Interview 2 Friend (very green) i. I think it would work very well as a nonprofit but I don't think many of the companies in today's world are willing to invest in change. ii. You should probably also have catalogs to distribute to companies so they have an easy place to order ecofriendly things from. This could include thinner toilet paper/paper towel, light bulbs, and recycling bins. iii. Maybe have a research part of the company that looks into different industries exceeding legal limits for things such as pollution and chemical waste. ...
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