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Jordan Kovalsky Bulletin Board Item- “Cape Town Eyes Entrepreneurs” 1 This article focuses on Cape Town’s desire to create an environment that makes starting a new business easier in order to create more entrepreneurial opportunities. In doing so the country hopes to not only create new businesses, but also create more jobs. Several years ago Barcelona launched a similar program by the name of Activa. Cape Town has been working with Barcelona in order to “copy the competition’s” methods and ultimately be more successful. Barcelona’s program involved creating entrepreneurship centers that helped guide entrepreneurs in starting their business, in order to save them both time and money. Cape Town is known as a town in South Africa that strives to be like that of a town in Europe. However, they are not nearly as developed as Europe. Though this
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Unformatted text preview: project does focus on the starting new businesses, it is also a matter of legitimizing current “businesses” such as street vendors working out of shipping boxes. This idea specifically relates to out class because often times within our class and without we find examples of people doing small random services or selling random goods, that don’t even realize that they are essentially running a business. The article as a whole also relates to our class in that we are currently learning of all the resources around us that can help us in starting a new business and that the places we live often encourage it. Similar to Cape Town, by us creating new businesses, we are also creating new jobs. 1 “Cape Town Eyes Entrepreneurs,” 2010, <http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/cape-town-eyes-entrepreneurs-1.684519> (Accessed October 10, 2010)....
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