15- Paul Robertson and the Medici String Quartet

15- Paul Robertson and the Medici String Quartet - was able...

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Jordan Kovalsky Assignment 15- Paul Robertson and the Medici String Quartet 1. What would you advise him to do in forming and working with the initial  performance group?  I would say that when initially starting a venture/endeavor,  it is important to not depend on just your own ideas and opinions. In  entrepreneurship you will not have a successful team unless you all have a clear  goal that you want to achieve together. Similarly here, the quartet did not achieve  success until they were all trying to achieve a challenge together opposed to each  trying to achieve their own individual goals. 2. What would you have advised him to do in terms of planning for financial  survival of the quartet?   I would have advised him to go commercial until he 
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Unformatted text preview: was able to build a stable financial plan that would allow them to maximize their potential while keeping members out of bankruptcy. In addition, it would allow for their name to get out there more and potentially gain the attention of sponsors and investors. 3. Would you have advised him differently if this were a non-artistic organization? Why or why not? If this was a business endeavor without art I would advise him differently. It is not easy to attract sponsor without an art to sell. However, my approach would be similar. At times it is important to become commercial in order to grow, publicize, expand, and ultimately succeed....
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