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20- non-profit potential - people’s love for music with...

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Jordan Kovalsky Assignment 20 1. Think about how the book’s material on opportunity assessment, including items on the list on pp 105, ‘translates’ into in the nonprofit world. What is the equivalent issue in the nonprofit world? In the non- profit world you must consider whether people will be interested in “investing” in what you are trying to do. You may find it of value to save the kids in Africa but if everyone around you thinks you are stupid and unrealistic then no one will support your venture. When put in that situation your non-profit won’t have the opportunity to help anyone because no one will support it financially. 2. Apply the principles we have worked with to assess an opportunity to this situation. Hand in notes on the following? a. What is the core business opportunity/need, and product/service for this proposed venture? A career in music is often frowned upon because of the assumption that money is just not made by merely making music. By Stephanie combining
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Unformatted text preview: people’s love for music with the opportunity for a productive future she is bringing a better name to music as a major. b. What are the most promising aspects of this proposed venture? When students tell their parents that they plan to major in business, they typically get the reaction that says that music is not a career but rather a hobby. Stephanie is providing them the ability to turn something they love into a realistic career that puts a bigger smile on parent’s faces. c. Where are areas where you would have the greatest concern that it might not really all work out? Support your ideas with facts as much as possible. Like any program running on a grant, Stephanie will need to being pursuing other grants immediately in order to risk losing her hard work to a lack of funding. In addition, I think she needs to create a major within the business school that is required to pair with another major in order to provide a good balance between hobby and career....
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