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22- Organization Startup - organization In doing so he...

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Jordan Kovalsky Assignment 22- Entrepreneurship and Society 1. Name two processes the Aldrich says the literature identifies as important in  the formation of new organizations.  Aldrich identities that goal setting and  boundary maintaining are very important. In order for any venture to be  successful it must first understand its competition and how far it can go.  Otherwise it can land itself in a lot of debt. 2. What kind of evidence does he cite for at least two claims? Be specific.  For  goal setting he used an example of how outside companies can affect a startup 
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Unformatted text preview: organization. In doing so he proved that when starting an organization you essentially need to do your research in order to avoid failures later on. For boundary maintaining he touched on the roles people in odd jobs, such as characters in Disney world, must step into and why it is important to maintain some boundaries in doing so. 3. What are two theories he uses to construct causal models of new venture formation? Organizational learning theory and Evolutionary theory....
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