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Jordan Kovalsky Assignment 27- Shane 1. Name two ‘myths’ that Shane believes are widespread and incorrect. The first myth that Shane talks about is the foreigner who comes to America with $10 in his pocket and manages to start a million dollar Construction Company. The second is the math teacher who creates an internet telephone and becomes an instant millionaire. 2. What kind of evidence does he provide to support for at least two claims? Is there a different way to look at it, which would give a different answer? He says that these myths are difficult to stop because people here them and then
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Unformatted text preview: publish them in books that consumers continue to buy. We can look at this like these myths are becoming facts and therefore are relatively true and should be published in books. 3. Could the values of entrepreneurship be useful even if unconditional claims for its impact are imprecise or incorrect? Yes, we need entrepreneurship in order to encourage the creation of new businesses and products that contribute to our every day lives and add convenience....
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