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Jordan Kovalsky Assignment 28- Debate Position 1: The more entrepreneurship there is, the better off everyone in society is. Therefore all institutions including schools at all levels, governments, nonprofits, the military, and all businesses should be taking steps to promote more entrepreneurship, and public funding should support such efforts. Without entrepreneurship we will have no progression in society. Different people within different subjects in school should have a basic understanding on entrepreneurship because each group has different ideas. For example, you can’t just educate a business major that lives on the beach about entrepreneurship, because the engineer in Colorado will have different ideas that they should potentially pursue.
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Unformatted text preview: Position 2: Promoting or requiring entrepreneurship sometimes can lead to harm or wasted effort for individuals or for institutions. Therefore society should promote entrepreneurship only in selected institutions but not all, or only certain kinds (state which ones). Public funding should only be used for some efforts, such as (fill in example of where public funding would be appropriate in your view). Not everyone has the desire to pursue entrepreneurship and there for it is a waste of government funds and time. If people are interested in it an option should be provided for them, but there is no point in the government investing in a full out program for everyone when they can easily allow those motivated to opt to join the program....
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