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Subject: Please reject Ruby Pruett’s request for compensation Dear Mrs. Sandra Phillips, In the case of Ruby Pruett, it is clear that she was given ample opportunities to board the plane. Her day of travel was busier than usual, causing agents to act accordingly despite Mrs. Pruett being issued several warnings. I recommend against the full travel compensation requested by Mrs. Pruett. July 28 was a particularly busy day Both Ann Kammen and Ruby Pruett reported excessive crowds, hindering the travel process. In fact, the flight in question, Flight 283, was fully booked with 20 other people on the stand-by list. Warnings were issued 35 minutes prior to liftoff Preliminary warnings calling for passengers with tickets began 35 minutes prior to takeoff, calling each passenger by name. This was repeated 30 minutes and again 25 minutes prior. Stand-bys were issued tickets 20 minutes prior to liftoff Due to the customer traffic of the day, Mrs. Kammen was forced to begin the stand-by
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Unformatted text preview: process 20 minutes prior to liftoff. There were reportedly 20 requests for 5 available seats, with customers eagerly taking what was left. Mrs. Pruett irrationally approached the desk At a time of 7 minutes prior to takeoff, Mrs. Kammen was confronted by Mrs. Pruett with shouting and offensive language. As Mrs. Pruett had missed the threshold of 15 minutes before liftoff, she had lost her seat and was asked to step aside while others were served. Mrs. Kammen considered calling security due to Mrs. Pruetts angry state. Several witnesses attest to Mrs. Pruett angrily confronting Mrs. Kammen. Due to her lack of procedure as well as respect to our staff, I therefore recommend against Mrs. Pruetts request. If you have any further questions regarding the witnesses or the case, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Craig Hallock Director of Customer Service at Logan Airport [email protected]
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