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1a) I am writing this as to form a recommendation regarding whether or not Mrs. Pruett should be compensated for her missed flight. 1b) I want my reader to read my claim regarding Mrs. Pruett’s request for compensation and decide against giving Mrs. Pruett her requested travel voucher. 2a) My reader is Sandra Phillips, the Regional Director of Customer Service at TCA responsible for New York, New England and the Mid-Atlantic. She is the only reader. 2d) The reader will react to my main message in a very receptive manner. All of the material is
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Unformatted text preview: presented rationally, simply stating the reasons why Mrs. Pruett does not deserve travel compensation. 3a) One message I would want my reader to remember is that Mrs. Pruett was given more than enough warnings that would have avoided her missing her flight, so her request to be compensated is not justifiable. The email should answer: Why does Mrs. Pruett not deserve travel compensation? What circumstances cause such a decision? How can I contact someone if I have further questions on the matter?...
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