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To: Ms. Sandra Phillips From: Ruby Pruett Craig Hallock Subject: Please issue compensation for my flight experience Dear Mrs. Sandra Phillips, On my trip from Boston to Baltimore for a friend’s wedding, my seat on the flight was given away by an employee of Logan Airport. Upon missing my flight, I was forced to purchase an additional ticket at my own expense. Due to my miserable experience at the airport, I deserve to be compensated with a flight to any location that I desire. I followed the proper flight procedure For the flight in question, I arrived to the airport at 12:30pm for a 2:15 flight. I went through security and was at my gate with over an hour of spare time before liftoff. My seat was given away despite my claims to board While waiting to get a boarding pass, I noticed that stand-by passengers were being issued tickets even though I had not been boarded. I attempted to tell an employee what was occurring but I was ignored. I was mistreated by the attendant at ticketing
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