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Craig Hallock 1a) I am writing this to persuade Sandra Phillips to issue compensation for my troubled flight experience in the form of a flight to anywhere I desire. 1b) I want the reader to read my side of what happened and to deem it appropriate to give me a free flight ticket. 2a) My reader is Ms. Sandra Phillips, Regional Director of Customer Service at Logan Airport. 2d) My reader will react to this message with compassion. Clearly the experience on this day should not be what Ms. Phillips wants her customers receiving, so she will do what she can to
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Unformatted text preview: make sure the problem is resolved. 3a) If nothing else, I would want my reader to remember that I attempted to travel on the airline in the proper fashion, arriving early and the like, but due to the employees of the airport I did not board my plane. Questions: Does Mrs. Pruett deserve compensation? Does she make a valid claim? Was she rational in her attempt to board the plane?...
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