CAP-Assignment-2009 - SM 122 Competitive Analysis Project...

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SM 122 Competitive Analysis Project Spring 2009 Assignment Compare two companies in the same industry and present your findings in a video presentation format. Of specific importance in this project are your conclusions regarding the relative competitive strengths of the two firms leading to selecting the company that, in your team's opinion, is likely to be more successful during the next three to four years. Teams' conclusions should be based on logical analysis that includes at least: An overview of the industry. In this overview teams should identify major trends that have shaped the industry and are likely to affect the firms in the future. (Remember the five-plus forces and more.) A comparative analysis, covering at least a three year period, of the companies': Overall business strategies. Teams should understand how the companies differentiate themselves and seek competitive advantage. (Remember product and geographical scope, scale, mergers and acquisitions, core competencies, use of technology and more.) Marketing strategies and approaches. Teams should understand and assess each firm's marketing strategies. (Remember issues of market segmentation, product positioning, product definition, pricing, promotion, distribution (place) and more.) Financial position. Teams should present a clear picture of the evolution of each firm's financial position and profitability over time. (Remember financial ratios, financial risk and more.) Teams should be sure to consider the relative and absolute stock price performances of the two firms. Operations Management issues and use of technology. Teams should compare firms in terms of issues such as operating efficiency, total quality management, use of the Internet and other information management systems, etc. Each team's conclusions should make explicit the team's definition of success, explain why that is a logical definition and describe the criteria with which the team measures it. The definition of success and the criteria used must be consistent with the way the companies define success and with the characteristics and practices of the industry. (Possible definitions of success include market share, share
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CAP-Assignment-2009 - SM 122 Competitive Analysis Project...

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