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IPE Lecture 1 - IPE Lecture 1 : Course objectives :...

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IPE Lecture 1 : Course objectives : paradigms to understand the evolution of international economy Key approaches : 5 paradigms 1. Realism : states, competition , persuade of power is the driving force 2. Liberalism : open market, domestic sources of foreign policies, groups ask their states to go out and pursue the goals ( how the domestic influences the systemic outcomes) . Groups are the most important actors 3. Marxism : classical Marxism : social classes are the key actors (hierarchy of classes) 4. Institutionalism : some ideas from realism and liberalism , essential for the IPE approach, questions about regimes, and why regimes change and do not change - states desire goals that they share with other states so they will engage in cooperation . Cooperative element 5. Constructivism : the notion that actors’ identity are more important than the other approaches assume . How identities change over time . It immerges from question about security and the cold war. None of these are going to work all the time. The midterm is on October 26 – 25% essay question ( the old format) Short paper- 6 pages double spaces 30% due November 23 Formal final exam – 40% : short essay and a long essay When we begin conferences we will start at 9 Defining the subject International : exchanges between countries, states, trade, monetary relations, international investment Political : politics the study of power Economy: the study of wealth Power : the key concept in political science, but we cannot agree on what it means. Difficult to execute studies if we cannot agree on what we are talking about. Different studies
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IPE Lecture 1 - IPE Lecture 1 : Course objectives :...

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