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IPE lecture 2 - IPE lecture 2 : Realism The evolution of...

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IPE lecture 2 : Realism The evolution of IPE , what practices in trade: try to understand why We are using political science approaches to explain the evolution of the IPE . A split between international relation theorists : idealistic side and the realistic side Idealism : legislation about the international system, a legal tradition, as you do in states, we can enforce rules ( laws) on international level Realism : historians perspectives, WW1 is a tremendous event, war is typical, states emerged out of competition, they are designed to fight each other. States are not giving up they are sovereignty so easily. Realism have the oldest tradition , they draw the earlier examples of observation of IR . Realism : The origins of Realism : Thucydides : the Greek historian who describes war between the Greek city states. He highlights how thing appeal to culture, religion, beliefs, duty , honor- did not have much traction . He does not have the causal factor that we have now in IR, he was just describing . Competition is the one thing persistent, constant competition , because there is always this potential of arm conflict. Machiavelli : The Prince, rulers in Florence hire him to give them advises. The state main objective is to survive in this hostile environment. E. H. Carr : the modern realism , the real breakthrough , British author, government advisor, riding in the 1930 , looking at the policy outcomes between realists and the idealists ( who drove a lot of policy , the League of Nation) , disarmament conferences, states try to control the IR and war is bad. Carr does in his book , the real problem is that Germany has become much more powerful in Europe. The European states need to find a
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IPE lecture 2 - IPE lecture 2 : Realism The evolution of...

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