Institutionalism - Institutionalism : Explaining Regime...

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Institutionalism : Explaining Regime Persistence Origins of Institutionalism Robert Koehane : realism is too narrow , too much, we have to focus on the cooperation that we are seeing, the multinational corporation (OPEC), it is not only about realism and competition , he writes about what is happening in IPE 1970s 1980s , he is going to do its critique “after hegemony” the States are in decline after the rise of other allies (Frances, Germany, Japan) they were fighting over the issues of the IPE ( monetary relations, trade, investment) . He buys in some realists’ perspectives about the rules , where the regimes come from, but if the realists are right , if USA is in decline , then all the regimes have to crumble too. They are other stuffs going on that realism are not analyzing. Lisa Martin : Koehane ‘ student , how do get states cooperate After HEGEMONY , Robert Keohane : International regimes as institutions , they are not explicit, they can be more explicit (WTO) , but some are very implicit. We have to study political institutions ( international and domestic). What kind of actions are they doing and why they were created. What are these regimes doings? We should be studying this as we will study any kind of institutions .   it is about systemic outcome Functionalist arguments : we start off with description, but not clear signs when we start explore the past or the future of this institution. We can spend a lot of time describing the institution , but we will have trouble seeing that options are changed
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Institutionalism - Institutionalism : Explaining Regime...

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