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Original plans for this regime

Original plans for this regime - Original plans for this...

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Original plans for this regime : Primary form of U.S investments : Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Issue how to protect? 19 th century principle : just prompt and adequate compensation Experiences of the interwar period eroded principles and norms U.S seeks to embed these old principles and norms in the ITO New independent countries : no compensation to the old colonial actor!! The ITO is killed due to countries that do not want to give the GATT : a regime for trade No fall back for International investments U.S adopts unilateral solutions : Promote through bilateral agreements : notions that you treat American corporation the way you threat yours Access for MNCs required if a state wanted to receive US aid Emboded in legislation Hickenlooper Amendment ( 1958): amendment for a aid bill, no aid to a country that does not follow adequate and prompt compensation. If you do not adhere to that, the president has the right to pull back American aid FDI’s appeal in 1950s and 1960s : American corporation had a lot of appeal to other countries, especially in the 50s, perspectives of the west Europeans and econ. Developing countries : they see inflow of capital and technology. When you think about FDI you think about industrial technology from the US, if you want to access it you need to cut a deal . very attractive foreign direct investments
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