Topic 1 - Topic 1 : The scientific method What is the...

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Topic 1 : The scientific method What is the scientific method? Deifying characteristics ? The scientific method and common sense The nature of scientific knowledge What is the scientific method is ? - The word science evokes a lot of images , that do not fit what we study. - Science consists as a body of knowledge – facts, laws, - Science is a method of obtaining knowledge , set of principles to derive knowledge - Scientific applying it to the principles , the methods that we use to gain understanding - Applying a set of principles, however the fact that we are using the scientific method, does not guarantee that we will come up with set of laws widely accepted - Systematic scientific - Identify the marks of the scientific method Hard or soft science – based on a common set of principles 1. Empiricism - Empirical , requires that every knowledge claim be based upon systematic observation , every knowledge has to be tested out in the real world, observations are important . - The first step when doing an empirical research is to read as much as you can Assmption : using the most accurate and reliable information about what is happening around us : what we can see, hear , we have to rely on our senses , Why ? : obtaining information systematically through our senses helps to guard against BIAS : BEING objective and being empirical is the same thing. To be empirical is objective yes. But objectivity is almost impossible : 2. Intersubjectivity: it provides the essential safeguard against bias by requiring that our knowledge claims be : gives us the possibility to recognize other biases It requires two things to intersubjectivity : - Transmissible : knowledge have to be transmissible, procedures conducted by the study must be public , sufficient detail so another research can repeat my research - Replicable : does not happen very often due to funding is not the replication that is so important , but the transmissibility The goal of the scientific method is explanation : through collecting data , the objective is not to
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Topic 1 - Topic 1 : The scientific method What is the...

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