Topic 5 september 20

Topic 5 september 20 - Topic 4 : empirical methods and...

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Topic 4 : empirical methods and hypotheses A dependent variable is : 1. The antecedent 2. The phenomenon to be explained 3. The presumed explanatory factor 4. None of the above Why are hypotheses so important ? theoretical conceptual level to the empirical observation level. The hypotheses incorporates the theory in a testable form 1. Provide a bridge between theory and observation 2. Are predictions of the form, if A , then B that enable us to test the relationship between A and B. 3. Enable us to derive working hypotheses that can be tested against reality 4. Direct investigation To be useful , the observation have to be for or against the hypotheses. Why are hypothesis so important? Provide an a priori rationale for relationships ( reasons of thinking that there should be a relationship that we hypothesized) Can be tested independently of any normative concerns that may have motivated them Are useful even when disconfirmed since they may suggest new lines of inquiry Topic 5 : Research Problems and Research Process
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Topic 5 september 20 - Topic 4 : empirical methods and...

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