Topic 12 - POLI 311 Empirical Methods Statistics Nominal...

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POLI 311: Empirical Methods  Statistics: Nominal level measures of association P-value of Chi square: 0.50 is insignificant If our variables are related, the way we assumed covariation If two variables are perfectly related, they covary perfectly, knowing variables on the independent level, we would know the values of the dependent variable without any problems Calculating Lambda a Lambda a is a pre-based measure of association that is appropriate when one or both variables are measured at the nominal level It measures how much our predictive ability is improved by knowing the values of cases on the IV. It ranges in value from 0.00 (no improvement) to 1.00 (perfect predictability) **Always guess the modal category, if you only know the total size of the sample and you must ask one person and guess which party they voted for where: f i = the maximum frequency within each category of the IV f d = the maximum frequency in the totals of the DV N = number of cases the closer to 0 = the weaker the relationship, the closer to 1 = the stronger the relationship Lambda a will always be zero if the modal value is the same for all categories of the IV If this happens, then Cramer’s V will be an appropriate measure to use for nominal-level relationships. Ordinal level measures of association Ordinal variables: the values of both variables must be listed in their natural order To interpret a crosstabulation between two ordinal variables: look for a consistent increase in the percentages in one direction across the top row and the opposite direction across the bottom row
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Topic 12 - POLI 311 Empirical Methods Statistics Nominal...

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