Topic%2015 - Topic 15 : Comparative Case Studies Types of...

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Unformatted text preview: Topic 15 : Comparative Case Studies Types of Single Case Studies 1) Atheoretical Case Study A descriptive study of a single case Facts either allowed to speak for themselves or interpreted intuitively Motivated by interest in case itself Plausibility/credibility of study rest on intensive study & reputation of researcher In a theoretical vacuum (no theories are used to interpret; yet often an implicit understanding that lie behind the study) Useful for: revealing a puzzle/paradox to serve as basis for later empirical research provide a lot of information about the case helpful for research design of other studies 2) Interpretive case studies make use of established generalizations to help interpret that particular case typically motivated by interest in case rather that interest in formulating general theory can't confirm or disconfirm a theory because you can't rule out plausible alternatives explanations can't generate a theory though it can raise question about a theory 3) Heuristic case studies designed to generate new hypotheses that can subsequently be tested with a larger number of cases problem: intensive study can lead to the creation of too many hypotheses 4) Plausibility Probes designed to provide a preliminary assessment of the plausibility of a theory (see if enough support for theory to justify investing many resources on bigger testing) the case must be selected very carefully so that findings from that particular case will be fairly compelling 5) Deviant case studies studies of cases that are known to deviate from an established generalization 1...
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Topic%2015 - Topic 15 : Comparative Case Studies Types of...

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