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Lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Poli 222 Founding ideas the"isms...

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Lecture 2 : Poli 222 Founding ideas : the “isms” Today and the founding isms : Conservatism Liberalism Socialism Very large concepts and how they apply to Canadian politics Fragment theory and political culture Ideas do have power and if you believe they have power because they have the ability what is appropriate, right and wrong and they offer some sort of directions for governments and citizens :the collective choices, the ideals should be , why are we imperfect and how we affect those ideals and how we can strive to achieve them Can these ideas explain outcomes? The left : Classical Socialism vs Contemporary socialism ( social democrat, social realism) Point of reference the United States : the context of the US is important for the creation of the Confederation. What it is that Canada should be? Some of the questions we ask : How different are we rely How much is myth vs reality Do we have greater fait in government institutions? Are we more tolerant : more norms of ideological consideration Views about equality Is it really true : the arguments we have? Do we think differently ? Political continuum : Left right idea : problematic in some way, it is useful provides thinking about political ideas that why it is continuum : special and directional organization of political though People are rarely constituent in their positions : contradictions and much of what is interesting about us : adopt certain principles on one subject and deny these principles on another When some values trump others in certain context? It is confusing that political definitions of this terms do not correspond that position adopt by a Liberal Party or Conservative Party. When one is exploring what is : perhaps socialism means different things to different people The left : Classical Socialism : Marxist point of view
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Workers rights : a dialogue about class Treating society as more of collective but beyond sum of individuals Privileging of community values , normative aspect : individualism is not an ideal This has a lot of implication what is proper Economic argument : welfare of society is maximized of social and economic planning. As a result from that : high tolerance of government interventionism in the economy and other sectors of human life. Strongest form : Marx, the goal should be the destruction of class, the destruction of economic inequalities, that we should be eqalitarian, economic differences should not be economic differences. Highly identified as a working class : philosophy with Uninism ( collective bargaining , collective agreement etc.) The Evolution or the Contemporary Socialism : acceptance that idea of society is more than sum of individuals, idea of collective and social community , but it does accept a legitimate role of basic capitalism and the goal of socialism of contemporarily : allowed the market to work to a certain degree. A sphere for operation to the market : places some boundaries and regulations on the market. Government intervention is required to address fundamental discrimination : not only
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Lecture 2 - Lecture 2 Poli 222 Founding ideas the"isms...

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