Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Lecture 6 : continue from Perpetuating...

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Lecture 6 : continue from Perpetuating Regionalism January 31 Party system in Canada : highly regionalized One example : Liberal of Canada won the election in 1997 when they won all but one of the seats of Ontario, they won the federal election. How to form a Majority in the House Of Commons and govern the whole country based on the votes of one province Unique provincial party: they compete on the provincial level, but do not exist in the federal level. Party Quebecois Federal parties with distinct regional base: National federal parties with regional skewed support : Bloc Quebecois Other issues with the perpetuating with regionalism Regionalism and Central institutions : Central level institutions and the relationship between regionalism and the institutions House of Commons : representation by population Senate : the basis of representation is different than the House. Senate was to equally represent regions. Central institution that is supposed to manage regionalism ( the voice of regionalism is channeled ) it is in the senate. 105 seats : the basis of representation, 24 seats for the Maritimes, 24 for Ontario, 24 Quebec, 24 for Western, 6 New Finland and Labrador and 1 for each territory . Not an effective institution , this is the problem. Senate is appointed , no elected. It is not very active regional voice Cabinet : the executive of the Government. Prime Minister can choose anybody to form anybody. He has to choose from the members of parliament , members of the
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Lecture 6 - Lecture 6 : continue from Perpetuating...

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