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Reading Summaries - Conservatism, Liberalism and Som in...

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Unformatted text preview: Conservatism, Liberalism and Som in Canada : an interpretation Gad Horowitz 1966 Why is a difference in the fortunes of som in two very similar societies? Som in Canada is related to the relative strength of toryism and to the different position and character of liberalism in the two countries. The Hartzian approach is to study the new societies founded by Europeans ( the US., English Canada, French Canada, Latin America , Dutch South Africa, Australia) The fragmentation of ideology : the new settlers of the country represent just one Feudal Fragment : F. Canada and Latin America : feudal and tory order of corporate and hierarchical community , their departure from |Europe is before the liberal revolution The Bourgeois Fragment : founded by bearers of liberal individualism who have left the tory end of the spectrum behind them. Australia is the radical fragment : founded by bearers of the working class ideologies of mid-19 th century in Britain. Som is an ideology which combines the corporate organic collectivist ideas of toryism with the rationalist egalitarian ideas of liberalism. Both the feudal and the bourgeois fragments escape som , but in different way. som , but in different way....
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Reading Summaries - Conservatism, Liberalism and Som in...

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