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homework07 - Stat 401G Homework 7 For Quiz on Friday 1...

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Stat 401G Homework 7 For Quiz on Friday, November 11, 2011 1. During lecture on Friday November 4, we worked an example that was similar to an example from the previous lecture. This handout was initially intended to be a homework problem. Go over this handout again as I may put a problem of this type on the quiz. Note: The next problem is related to a model with two qualitative variables. However, unlike the problem discussed in class on Monday Nov. 7, one of the factors has three possible levels. If you are working this homework before the Wednesday Nov. 9 lecture, you will have only seen an example where each factor has 2 possible levels. You should still have sufficient understanding to answer this problem. 2. Suppose you want to determine whether the brand of laundry detergent used and the tem- perature affects the amount of dirt removed from your laundry. To this end, you buy two different brands of detergent ( Super and Best ) and choose three different temperature levels ( cold
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