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Homework 1 - be admitted for obstetrics 5 A group of real...

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STAT 2500 Homework 1 Due: September 8, 2011 1. (Textbook) 2.48 part b,c,d. 2. (Textbook) 2.59 part d 3. A pair of fair dice is tossed. In this experiment, each sample point is a pair of numbers, for example (1,3), (4,2), (5,5), …, etc. Define the event B : {At least one of the two dice shows a 3}. Identify the sample points in event B and calculate P(B). 4. Hospital records show that 12% of all patients are admitted for surgical treatment, 16% are admitted for obstetrics, and 2% receive both obstetrics and surgical treatment. If a new patient is admitted to the hospital, what is the probability that the patient will be admitted either for surgery or obstetrics? What is the probability that the patient will not
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Unformatted text preview: be admitted for obstetrics? 5. A group of real estate analysts predicted how many months will pass before the real estate market recovers. The responses showed a mean of 40 months with a standard deviation of 12 months. The distribution of responses was mound-shaped and symmetric. (a) According to Chebyshev’s rule, AT LEAST _____ proportion of real estate analysis gave a prediction of between 10 and 70? (b) According to the empirical rule, approximately 95% of real estate analysts gave a prediction between ________ and ________ months. For EVERY problem, please show details of your calculations....
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