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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 - Conformity Chapter 6 - Conformity Conformity: A change in behavior or belief as a result of real or imagined group pressure. Chapter 6 - Conformity Norm: a consensually-shared standard for correct or appropriate behavior. Chapter 6 - Conformity Q: How do norms form? Maybe randomly... Chapter 6 - Conformity Sherif's studies of the "autokinetic" phenomenon demonstrated how quickly groups converge on arbitrary norms. The "autokinetic effect" Chapter 6 - Conformity Asch's line-length studies show how much pressure norms can exert. Stimuli for Asch conformity studies. Q: Was the Asch study unethical? Q: Was the Asch study unethical? APA ethics code: (after Nuremberg trials) 1. S must give voluntary consent, 2. S fully informed of nature of study and risks, 3. Study must be conducted only by qualified people, 4. Subject can quit at any time, 5. S protected against hazards to the fullest extent possible, 6. Scientists must be prepared to terminate exp. at any time if cause to believe that continuation will lead to injury, disability, or death to S. Chapter 6 - Conformity Two ways of conforming: Mere outward compliance or actual inward acceptance. Chapter 6 - Conformity Normative influence: The person conforms in order to avoid disapproval (compliance). Chapter 6 - Conformity Informational influence: The person conforms because he/she is convinced (acceptance). Chapter 6 - Conformity Internalization: In which we take in the norm or goal and make it our own. Chapter 6 - Conformity Obedience: complying with an explicit command. Milgram study set-up: Milgram study: Confederate response schedule Milgram study data: Q: Was the Milgram study unethical? Q: Does the Milgram study really show obedience? (Ross & Nisbett (1991) critique). Q: GOOD things? When are conformity and obedience Homework: Break a norm before next time! Be prepared to talk about it. ...
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