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STUDINFO_1 - How many hours per week are you working What...

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PLACE YOUR PICTURE HERE. (Can be a copy of your student ID picture or some other picture that you like better.) Name_________________________________________Phone #__________________ Lab Section____________ Do you want your name on a list for study groups? Yes No (Circle one) Major_____________________________________________ How did you choose your major? What do you see yourself doing after you graduate? Are you working now? Yes No (Circle one) If so, where? What are you doing there?
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Unformatted text preview: How many hours per week are you working? _________ What do you like to do when you are not studying or working? What clubs, campus organizations, sports, or other campus activities do you participate in (be specific: Golden Girls, Alpha Tau Omega, varsity basketball, Association of Accounting Students, etc.)? What else do you think I should know about you? What value do you expect this course to add to your major/career/life? A-2...
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