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Chemistry 331 Exam Review I. Structures 1) Phthalic acid 2) Diethyl Ketone 3) Benzoic Acid 4) 2-Napthol 5) Napthalene 6) Diethyl Ether 7) Acetylsalicylic Acid 8) Acetaminophe II. Outline of Material This is an outline of your lab material. Please review these key concepts. These questions will be in multiple choice format. Experiment 1: Recrystallization A. Properties of solids B. Solvent properties C. Types of impurities D. Purification of a solid by recrystallization E. Using melting point data to analyze purity Experiment 2: Simple Distillation A. Properties of liquids B. Factors that cause variation in the boiling points of liquids C. Purification of a liquid by distillation D. General points Experiment 3: Chemical Extraction A. Types of extraction B. Solubility C. General points Experiment 4: TLC A. TLC B. R f Value C. Usefulness of TLC D. TLC solvents/absorbents 9) Caffeine 10) Cyclohexanol 11)
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Unformatted text preview: Cyclohexanone 12) 2,4-DNP 13) Triphenylmethanol 14) 4-Ethyl phenol 15) 1-ethyl-4-n-propoxybenzene Experiment 5 : Oxidation of Cyclohexanol to Cyclohexanone A. General- oxidation/reduction B. Reaction mechanism/derivative C. NaHSO 3 /NaOCl/NaOH/NaCl D. Green Chemistry Experiment 6: Reaction A. General properties of carbocations B. Reaction C. SN1 and SN2 Experiment 7 : Dehydration of Cyclohexanol to Cycohexene A. Acid-catalyzed dehydration B. Beta-Elimination Reactions C. Mechanism D. Qualitative test for alkenes Experiment 8 : Williamson Ether Synthesis A. General B. Uses for Ether C. Mechanism D. Phase Transfer Catalyst III. Calculations 1. Percent Yield 2. Percent Recovery 3. Percent Diffrence 4. Theoretical Yield Chemistry 331 Exam Review IV. Apparatus 1. Suction Filtration 2. Reflux 3. Simple Distillation 4. Warm Water Bath...
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Chem331_Exam_Review - Cyclohexanone 12 2,4-DNP 13...

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