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D ISPOSAL Wash excess aqueous solutions down the drain with excess water. Dispose of excess starting reagents and leftover product in the organic waste containers. Dispose of soiled gloves and paper towels in the proper waste containers. Dispose of broken glass in the broken glass container . Consult TA if unsure. P ROCEDURE REMINDER: Close and cap all reagent and waste containers. 1. Weigh out 2.00grams of 2-naphtol and 5mL of polar solvent of choice and pour these two into a 25mL round bottom flask.(Consult your TA to see which solvent you will be using) 2. To the round bottom flask add 2.00mL of 6M NaOH, followed by 2.00mL of 1- iodopropane. Add a boiling stone as well. 3. Set up a reflux apparatus and reflux the entire mixture on heating mantle for 30- 40minutes. 4. When the reflux has finished removed the round bottom flask from the heat and allow to cool to touch. 5. Taking the round bottom flask add the contents to a 50mL beaker with 10mL of ice cold water containing a little added ice. You should observe a separation of the two
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