Biomechanics_course_gw_16_17 general equilibrium_04_tube

Biomechanics_course_gw_16_17 general equilibrium_04_tube -...

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Pressurization and extension of thin-walled tube The universal solution of thin tube gives a relationship between the stress and applied load (pressure) and geometry It is very useful and important Allow the analysis of boundary value problem involving many materials Guide experimental design They provide interpretation independent of the unknown material constitute relation Biological motivation Many tissue are cylindrical: blood vessel, airways and ureters Diseases: Coronary arteries’ atherosclerotic lesion, ischemia stroke, etc Many medical devices: artificial heart and lung, inhaler, kidney dialysis, intravenous (IV) drug infusion pump, many different catheters, etc The endothelial, smooth muscle and fibroblast cell in the venous wall are sensitive to mechanical signal, their response after transplant of the vein into artery system is useful Example: Stent and graft, Hemodialysis Catheter: CFDRC
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Biomechanics_course_gw_16_17 general equilibrium_04_tube -...

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