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Biomechanics_course_gw_10-11 strain_1_concept - Concept of...

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Concept of strain In biosolid mechanics, displacement vector is an important target Relative displacement of any two points within a body means deformation Deformation occurs when the motion of a body is constrained in the direction of the applied force Deformation depends on Externally applied force: magnitude, direction and duration Body: material property and geometry Environmental factors, such as heat and humidity Slender bar model test f or a given material and force : There is no one-to-one relation between force and displacement For the same slender bar, the larger the length X, the larger u x For two slender bars, the longer the original length, the longer the displacement However there is a constant (like stress) for the simple problem ratio Δ L /L the displacement gradient du x /dX
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Strain Strain, as a more fundamental means , is used to describe the deformation of a material under stress Simple strain definition:
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Biomechanics_course_gw_10-11 strain_1_concept - Concept of...

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