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As You Like It Acts 4 and 5

As You Like It Acts 4 and 5 - As You Like It and 12th Night...

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2/6/12 As You Like It and 12 th Night Paper: only use rhetorical terms if they help your argument. If it doesn’t help, leave it out. - Look at who is opening the scene/who is closing the scene - Verse vs. prose As You Like It ACT 4.1 Orlando is an hour late and this upsets Rosalind because it means his love is not that serious. If you aren’t on time, you aren’t in love. Rosalind mocks Orlando for not having an land; he was not bequeathed anything. Snail coming with horns as a sign of his fate: cuckoldry. Cuckoldry: a cuckold is a man whose wife has been unfaithful. Horns on the head is a very offensive gesture (similar to biting the thumb). Indicates wife has been sleeping around. Rosalind (as Gaynemede) asks what he would do first to woo Rosalind. Orlando says he will kiss her before he speaks. Very improper, because she is a lady. Kiss her after you run out of things to talk about, if she denies you, you have even more to talk about
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