ACT 1 SCENE 2 12th night

ACT 1 SCENE 2 12th night - lost-Viola judges captain by...

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ACT 1 SCENE 2 - Another woman also mourning her brother: Viola. o Ship-wrecked, doesn’t know if her brother is dead or alive. - Viola questions captain about Olivia. o Wishes to serve Olivia because they are in similar positions - Vague decision: why does Viola want to dress as a man and serve for Orsino instead? What threat does serving Olivia present? - Some productions make up reasons why she has to dress as a man (such as the countries are at war) - Intentional vagueness? o What are the implications of it being intentional and unintentional? o We only have the folio version, so we don’t know if lines or parts were cut out or
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Unformatted text preview: lost-Viola judges captain by physiognomy o Art in early period o Can tell someone’s moral qualities by their face Ex. Wide, large forehead means wise If eyebrows are close together you are not to be trusted-Says she’s going to play a eunuch, but ends up just playing a page o She never sings, so what happened? An actor may have changed. An actor may not have been able to sing as well, or his voice may have changed. Viola may have once been played by someone who could sing well-...
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