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War of the Worlds Discussion Notes

War of the Worlds Discussion Notes - Does the novel or the...

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War of the Worlds Discussion Notes 2/1/12 The power of the atom in the movie: how is it used? Shows the United States is the highest power and yet they cannot even dent the spacecrafts Used as a technological marker When thinking about war, tend to consider the last battle instead of the current one. On minds when writing future history. Early atom bomb designs were not well understood (army wanted to shoot them out of tanks, nasa wanted to use them to propel rockets)
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Unformatted text preview: Does the novel or the film capture the urgency and panic better? Novel may do it better, as function of the medium. Protagonist’s thoughts are clear to us. Movies you have to show everything, without knowing what anyone is thinking Difficult to create aliens which people can identify with, but are also different enough to be recognized as aliens Inspires a sub-genre: alien invasion films...
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