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War of the Worlds short response

War of the Worlds short response - 1 In the novel by H.G...

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1) In the novel by H.G. Wells, we primarily experience the story through the perspective of the unnamed narrator. In the 1953 film, several characters contribute to the action and we see their reactions to the alien menace. How does the ability to identify with several characters change our experience or understanding of the story? The ability to relate to characters drastically alters our experience with the story. The unnamed narrator in the novel allows for a degree of projection. The reader is able to fill in the characteristics, personality traits and behaviors that they deem appropriate. If the reader is actively engaged in the text, this could allow them to relate more closely to the narrator. However, for a passive reader seeking relatively mindless entertainment, the anonymous narrator can become distant and foreign. Because the film provides a third person perspective and supplies a narrator, the viewer’s relationship is drastically different then the reader’s. The viewer is presented with an archetypal
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