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Metropolis Discussion Notes

Metropolis Discussion Notes - o Facial expressions were...

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Metropolis (1927) Discussion Notes 2/8/12 - At the time of production, the movie cost about $5 million. The most expensive movie at the time - Difficulty of syncing acting with the score after the filming - Bizarre scenes and extreme acting give clues to age of the film - Why does Lang make everything out of proportion? o Exaggerated size and scale makes things feel out of control. Things have become too difficult Super tall doors: too hard to do ordinary thigns o Large machinery makes it feel like this is not a place for human beings Emotional impact - Sequential interplay of religious symbolism o Babylon o Devil/God interplay Knowing that the audience will know these stories - How would acoustic technology change the movie? - Huge gestures are necessary because there is no audio and little electric lighting
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Unformatted text preview: o Facial expressions were mostly absent o Huge gestures stems from earlier theater where nosebleed seats couldn’t see the facial expressions Wore huge platform shoes to make people larger than life Helped project sound Coliseum seating had amazing acoustics-Is symphonic soundtrack underused now?-What kind of resolution was reached? o Workers are hands and nothing else o People above are brains How is each class defined? Just because they have hearts now, are they still separate? Do they live in harmony?-How would an audience at the release date perceive it? o Much more naïve audience o Movie watchers now are more jaded...
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