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Ancient Greek Art Notes 2

Ancient Greek Art Notes 2 - Ancient Greek Art Notes...

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Ancient Greek Art Notes 2/6/12 Acropolis, Athens, Greece Persians ransacked it in about 480 BC and left it ruined Reminder to the Greeks about the damage done to them at the hands of the Persians. Perecles is at the forefront of renovating the Acropolis to restore Athens power in the Mediterranean Wanted the city to reflect the greatness of Athens. Hired sculptor Fiddeus. 22,000 tons of marble Most famous building is the Parthenon Parthenon, Iktinos and Kallikrates, Acropolis, Athens, Greece 447-438 BC Was only greatly damaged in the last 400 years Temple built on the 4 to 9 ratio (roughly) Columns appear to be straight up and down, but actually tilt in slightly so that the lines will intersect about a mile up from the floor of the temple. Plan of Parthenon: 3 areas of great sculpture Have stories from Greek mythology on pediments Parthenon was placed high up in the city and built on a grand scale.
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