Life-evol-fossils PART 2

Life-evol-fossils PART 2 - Miocene marine plankton...

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Replacement of fossil with another mineral such as silica or pyrite Trace fossils critter burrows in siltstone Feeding traces of Trilobites (425 Ma) Trace fossils - dinosaur tracks in mudstone Carbonized impressions organic compounds removed, thin C film left Graptolite, 460 Ma Graptolite, 460 Ma Fish, 50 Ma Insects preserved in amber (hardened tree sap) in New Jersey hardened tree sap in New Jersey La Brea Tar Pits (L.A.)
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Unformatted text preview: Miocene marine plankton partially converted to oil, squeezed upward into natural pools of asphalt that trapped hundreds of thousands of organisms Fossil Record & the evolution of life Fossil Assemblage Principle of Fossil Succession Biostratigraphy Fossil record & the evolution of life Evolutionary events & Fossils Mammals Dinosaurs Fish No vertebrates or tetrapods...
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