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Organizing Public Presentations (9/22/10) o Outline the speech beginning with the body o Speeches should generally have 3-5 main points o Your inform speeches will have 2-3 points o Points should be relatively equal in length and amount of information. BALANCE main points o Support each point with evidence. Cite sources on outline Pick an organizational pattern o Chronological- use a sequential or time order Or reverse chronological o Spatial- organize by location or place o Cause-effect More for persuasive o Pro-con o TOPICAL* subtopics, etc. o Other patterns in text o Attention getter- picture? o Thesis-purpose o Audience relevance-tell how relates to them [ survey results, open views of Iran, people think just deserts] o Credibility-believable, competence, expertise, knowledge of topic, and character-do you CARE? Talk about why you know a lot about it (visited 3 times) why interests you (culture) DO NOT say you’ve done a lot of research. – have to be separate o Preview –preview of main points in one sentence. Main points in that order! Verbal cues.
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Unformatted text preview: Heres what Im going to say Conclusion o Summary statement. One sentence. Kind of like preview statement. Heres what I said o Concluding statement. Instead of saying thats about it! Dont have to say in conclusion o End memorably o Provide closure Connecting parts of your speech o Connectives In your classroom speeches, will use transitions (written on outline format) Could also include signposts Other forms: internal previews & summary Transition: one pt to the next, connects both pts PRACTICE SPEECH My favorite. 2 min- 3 intro body conclusion o Intro: attention getter, thesis. o Body: two main pts with sub points o Conclusion: concluding statement, dont have to preview, just concluding statement. o Two PowerPoint slides both text and photos o Outline turning in on Friday regardless o Half sheet white paper for notes Outline can be very basic...
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7notes - Heres what Im going to say Conclusion o Summary...

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