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Gender Women Studies Final Exam Study Guide

Gender Women Studies Final Exam Study Guide - Gender Women...

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Gender Women Studies Final Exam Study Guide Essay 1: Malthusianism : Malthusianism is a term coined by the economist Thomas Robert Malthus. His main idea is that overpopulation will lead to poverty. He envisioned the capability of a perfect society. Essentially the increase in population leads to surplus in labor and will strip out agriculture. This stemmed from his idea that the working class must excise sexual restraint to prevent poverty. Economic growth Rising Wages (Wages-Fund Theory) Rising Population from surplus of labor Rise of Poverty How to prove him wrong: Malthus’s ideas reflected his class and time of the British elite. There are other things besides individuals that cause poverty. For example the current social policy, the current economic policy, lack of education resources, natural disasters, distribution of wealth and opportunities. According to Linda Gordon, People hoard resources to prove that they are wealthy then others do not have access to those resources. Neo-Malthusianism: Believed that not only the population could be controlled but that its control could provide a key to the creation of a perfect society. Now accepts birth control instead of favor of restraint completely from sexual activity. Eugenics: Basic idea that scientific knowledge of heredity can be put to use to produce a “better breeding” of humans. This would result in producing fewer of the less “fit” people. Mothers charged with bearing and caring for the “fit” children of the nation. Eugenics does not have to do with poverty necessarily but who counts as acceptable or fit. It is about applying the ideas of Darwin and breeding to people. Influence in Global Context; Puerto Rican women were the first to take the birth control pill. La Operacion women were forced into sterilization or China’s one child policy, UN funding sterilization. Several factors such as challenging a new discourse created the US Women’s Health Movement for regular reproductive healthcare, nutrition, menopause, women controlled clinics, and safer forms of birth control. 1. Self Examinations 2. Discrimatory Sterilization U.S. Policy Give incentives to people in jail and lecture 15 has examples. Talk about Henrietta Lacks when they didn’t tell her that she was going to become infertile. Also the Carolina story.
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Contemporary : Racial dynamics approach the issue differently. White women wanting the access to have birth control and abortion and when NOT to have children. Black women with the history of forced sterilization and unfit mothers fight for right to be mothers. Look at optional Angela Davis reading. Angela Davis: “Racism, Birth Control, and Reproductive Rights
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Gender Women Studies Final Exam Study Guide - Gender Women...

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