A Woman Among Warlords

A Woman Among Warlords - A Woman Among Warlords How can...

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A Woman Among Warlords How can women establish agency when the predisposition of women is that they are a possession, bearers, outsiders, and oppressed. Pg. 2 Killing a woman is like killing a bird Pg. 3 Women in the house or in the grave as well as marriage and rape issues Pg. 3: 80% of women are illiterate and become outsiders Pg.2 Burqa oppression Pg. 20 The RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) started in the late 1970’s both to advocate women right’s and to help in the stuggle against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. They funded a school that girls in the community could attend as well. Meena the brave founder left the University in Kabul to devote herself to social activism. Pg. 34 OPAWC (The Organization for Promoting Afghan Women’s Capabilities) Pg. 21 Meena was assassinated, “Meena’s blood has fertilized the stuggle of all Afghan women right up to today”. Pg. 24 There were sports programs for both boys and girls at the school but some Afghan parents did not allow their daughters to play sports because it was considered proper only for boys. Far too many Afghan girls know only work and subservience from a very young age. Pg.28 Under the name of Islam, women were deprived of their very basic rights. Many of the warlords closed the doors of the schools for the girls and even rohibited the sound of women’s footsteps. Pg. 28 The Ordinance on the Women’s Veil
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A Woman Among Warlords - A Woman Among Warlords How can...

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