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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Pg 2 All STEROIDS including...

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Chapter 1 Pg. 2 All STEROIDS, including cholesterol, have the same four-ring structure. The path an ion takes in the magnetic field (the extent of deflection) is related to its mass. Figure 1.2 GC-MS gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer separates components in a mixture of volatile compounds, and the MS portion analyzes and identifies them. Pg. 3 Derivative: a new attached atom to the molecule to make the original molecule more stable during analysis. THG tetrahydrogestrinone C21H28O2 resembles two steroids gestrinone (used to treat gynecological problems and trenbolone a steroid used to beef up cattle). Anabolic steroids like THG elevate body’s natural testosterone levels and increase body mass, muscle strength, and muscle definition. Pg. 4 Sodium chloride, table salt, can be made by combining Na (sodium metal) and yellow chlorine gas Cl2. Hypothesis: A tentative explanation or prediction based on experimental observations.
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Quantitative: numerical data such as TEMPERATURE chemical melts or MASS Qualitative: nonnumeric observations, such as COLOR OR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Law: A concise verbal or mathematical statement of a behavior or a relation that is consistently observed in nature without contradiction. Theory: a well-tested, unifying principle that explains a body of facts and the laws based on them. Based on carefully determined and reproducible evidence.
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