152 Lec 3-LabSyllabus-2012sp Draft

152 Lec 3-LabSyllabus-2012sp Draft - Lab Syllabus Week Jan...

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Lab Syllabus Introductory Biology 152-Lecture 3 Spring 2012 267 Noland Hall Week Lab Topic Assignment(s) Points Jan 18-21 Purchase Lab and Independent Project Manuals at Bob’s Copy Shop, 208 N. Charter St. next to Subway. WEEK 1: Jan 23-26 Choosing an Independent Research Project Read Chapter 1 of the Experiencing Biology Lab manual. Bring the lab manual with you to your first lab session. Bisphenol A and Research Question activities in lab. 5 IP points WEEK 2: Jan 30-Feb 3 ALL sections Using data from existing literature in development or support of research projects Read EXPERIENCING BIOLOGY , Chapter 1. Complete Exercise 1 parts 1 and 2 before lab. Bring both paper and digital copies these and your completed Excel sheet to lab. 2 consensus worksheets due at end of lab 5 IP points 5 IP points each (10 total IP points) WEEK 3: Feb 6 to 10 IP topic Submit IP topic and information on survey during lab. You must have a topic and mentor or partner(s) by your lab time. IP Progress points BIRDD – Week 1 Read PRACTICING BIOLOGY , BIRDD, before lab. Review Evolutionary Mechanisms from last semester in 151. Pre-lab due at the beginning of lab. Failure to submit a pre-lab will result in loss of 2pt. for this unit. Preliminary BIRDD proposal due at end of lab. Inadequate proposal will
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This note was uploaded on 02/07/2012 for the course BIO 152 taught by Professor Doyle during the Fall '08 term at Wisconsin.

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152 Lec 3-LabSyllabus-2012sp Draft - Lab Syllabus Week Jan...

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