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Name: Alyssa Garr Lab Number: 808 Exercise 1 - Part 2: HOW SHOULD WE ANALYZE THE DATA WE COLLECT? Individual Answers Part of Pre-lab a) Do the articles agree on certain issues, facts, results or ideas? If yes, what are these? The articles agree on the fact that tea consumption has either a favorable effect on blood pressure or not enough clear-cut evidence to determine the effect of tea on blood pressure. The purposes of all the articles were similar, in investigating the relationship between different kinds of tea consumption and blood pressure responses. Each experiment used varying methods and patient populations to come to these results and ideas. However, even though each article concluded that either tea was beneficial to lowering blood pressure or that there was not enough evidence to determine a relationship, I am still skeptical if tea has a beneficial relationship or if certain studies assumed a certain preconceived conclusion. b) Are there any areas of disagreement among the articles? If results disagree, can these be related to differences in methodology? For instance, did the studies that disagree use different methods or subjects? There are many areas of disagreement among the articles however; most of the ambiguity can be
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152-ChocolateTea_Exercise1Part2_2012sp - Name Alyssa Garr...

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