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Purpose of Study Organisms/ Subjects Methods/controls/dose/etc. Results Discussion Funding source When reading, be sure to look up any terms that are not familiar, e.g.: TEA ARTICLES Author, Study Design, Duration Bingham et al. 1997, Effect of black tea drinking on blood lipids, blood pressure and aspects of bowel habit, Br J Nutr 78:41 To determine the effect of black tea consumption on BP, blood lipids and bowel function Cross over - 4 weeks per phase 65 adults (31 male/34 female); ave age = 40.7; 15 dropouts; healthy; BP normotensive; no medication. Group 1 - min of 6 cups/d black tea (no polyphenol level reported); Placebo - min 6 c/d hot water with caffeine, milk and sugar Black tea systolic/diastolic BP pre vs post = 119.9/76.6 vs 119.9/74.0; Placebo systolic/diastolic BP pre vs post = 119.9/76.7 vs 120.1/75.1 No significant difference pre vs post BP for tea or placebo Tea Packers Assoc., London Hodgson et al. 1999, Effects on blood pressure of drinking green and black tea, J Hypertens 17:457 To determine the effect of black and green tea consumption on BP Cross over study - 7 days per phase 13 adults all male; ave age = 59.8; mild systolic hypertension; no medication Group 1 - 5 c/d black tea; Placebo - 5 c/d hot water plus caffeine (Excluded green tea results) Group 1 systolic/diastolic BP pre vs post = 136.6/76.2 vs 136.1/76.9; Placebo systolic/diastolic BP pre vs post = 136.6/76.2 vs 135.5/ 77.5 No significant difference
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