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For one Prey E/T = Ne1E1 – Cs1 / 1 + Ne1 H1 For two Prey E/T = (Ne1E1 – Cs1) + (Ne2E2 – Cs2) / 1+ Ne1 H1 + Ne2 H2 E = energy value often expressed as calories or joules / time N= abundance or sometimes biomass e = encounter frequency of predators and prey or how many prey a predator would encounter per unit time. Cs= cost of searching time H= handling time or the time from capture to the time of the next search,1 and 2 indicates
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Unformatted text preview: prey species 1 or prey species 2. As mentioned in class, if used on the exam, and I suspect it will show up, the equation will be produced for you. You would however, need to know what the terms represent. What I suggest is that you try determine what will happen if all variables except one are held constant and you change another. For example what would happen to E/T if H increased or decreased....
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