Intro Bio 152 Course policies Sp 2012 revised

Intro Bio 152 Course policies Sp 2012 revised -...

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Introductory Biology 152 : MWF 1:20 – 105 Psychology – Spring 2012 Labs and Lectures begin January 23, 2012. Course Summary and Philosophy: Introductory Biology 151/152 is a two semester introductory sequence for majors in the biological sciences. Emphasis will be placed on learning, understanding and being able to use key biological concepts and the scientific method. The study of modern biology is not only a matter of assimilating factual information. Learning how to use that information for problem-solving, posing hypotheses and interpreting experimental results is also critical to understanding biology as a science. The lectures examine key concepts. Discussions allow you to more fully investigate these. In the laboratory, you will need to use the scientific method and apply a number of the concepts from lecture to carry out the various exercises. In addition, labs stress the development of written and oral presentation skills. These are required to successfully communicate scientific concepts and your research findings to others. Lecturers : Robert Bohanan David Abbott Donna Fernandez Room B9 Rm 203 Rm B215 445 Henry Mall Primate Center Bldg #1 Birge Hall 265-2125 263-3583 262-9033 Course Coordinator: Jean Heitz Rm 230 Noland Hall 263-2186 Teaching Assistants: See Lab and Discussion Schedules posted on L@UW. Lab TA Offices: Rms 216 and 235 Noland Hall; Discussion TA Office: Rm 571 Noland Hall TA office hours will be announced in lab and discussion sections Biology 9 th Edition, by Campbell and Reece – You can use either the hardcopy or three-hole punch version
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Intro Bio 152 Course policies Sp 2012 revised -...

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