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Lecture 1/27/2012 Discussion Assignment!!!! Is it really getting warmer? (Data Analysis) Remember to read Sand County Almanac (lol) Altitudinal variation- Balds of grasslands on the top of the rough terrain. Why? fire might suppress vegetation growth, animal disperses that then disappeared, combination of altitude and climate Mountains towards the east coast and west coast. Mountains create a microclimate when rising air cools and condenses as it goes up the mountain and down the mountain dry air advances into a rain shadow. Mystery Animal: yellow perch in lakes in Wisconsin when ice fishing. It is in the middle of the trophic feeding system Climograph Moodle Question The arctic and alpine tundra would be most affected because it thrives at both lower temperatures and lower precipitation. Although remember to support your data. If the tundra ceased to exist then it would fit a more
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Unformatted text preview: forest-like biome. Recent trend in Wisconsin Climate Graph from Dr. E Kruger • Just at the level of a state there is a lot of variation when looking at change in annual average temperature Forecasted changes in summer climate • Range of what might happen to average summer temperature with different affects in different parts of the state Consider Lake Mendota and Lake Monona and identify and describe patterns in the change in lake ice cover duration. The lakes are freezing later and thawing earlier and see similar patterns internationally Temporal Variability, Weather and Climate Lakes go through alternate states and how will changes in the duration of ice cover affect the ecology of lakes in the northern hemisphere? Would change level of photosynthesis http://climatewisconsin.org/story/ice-fishing...
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