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SW206 final paper detailed

SW206 final paper detailed - Evaluating a Social Welfare...

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Evaluating a Social Welfare Policy or Program Due Tuesday, December 13th ; Recommended Length: 3-4 pgs 1. Briefly describe a social policy or social welfare program and characterize it in terms of its political leaning. a. Describe the program from a functional perspective. i. What need (or problem(s) does it purport to address? ii. What are the goals of this program (if explicitly stated, we want those; however if goals aren’t explicit, what do you think the goals are based on your analysis of the program)? iii. What is the target population or “unit of intervention” of the program? b. Describe the program from a structural perspective i. For this section follow Eric’s analytic grid from Week 9 (second session slides). You don’t necessarily have to cover all six structural components, but the conceptual categories should guide your descriptive analysis in this section 2. Analyze the program a. How does the program view the problems it purports to address? For example: does it see the
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