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CS180 Project 2: Simple Space Simulation Fall 2010 Assinged: Monday September 27, 2010 Due: Friday October 8, 2010 Note: Questions and ansers from students are compiled and placed towards the end of this file. This project created by: Jaye Franklin and Tyler Holzer Edited by: Aditya Mathur Original: September 27, 2010 Revisions: October 7, 2010 (a) Q&A from one student added. (b) Coformance to cpoding standards added in Section 8. (c) Q&A updated 1. Learning objectives Project 2 involves you writing a portion of a simple space simulation , also referred to as a " space game ." We refer to this portion as the "back end" of the simulation.This project is designed with the following objectives. 1. Sharpen your understanding of, and skiils in the use of, loops, conditionals, objects, and method calls. 2. Learn how to solve a problem using a set of classes already given to you. 3. Enhance your ability to map a problem statement into a Java program. Alert: This project is more difficult than Project 1. It is likely that it will require more time for you to complete than you spend in completing Project 1. It is strongly recommended that you use the problem solving steps discussed dsuring lectures and described in the textbook. Use incremental development, and proceed in small steps at a time. 2. Files for this project If you follow the link to Project 2, you will see the following folders/files. Project2.9.27.2010 : This file contains the project description. images : This folder contains two image files: image0.png and image1.png that are used by the .class files that are provided to you. ClassFiles : This folder contains three class files: Astroid.class , Enemies.class , and Gui.class . You will be creating objects from these classes as you develop the space simulation. 3. Setup Before you begin, you need to create a folder called “project2” in the CS180 folder to hold your .java file for this lab. Use the command prompt to create this folder and open up DrJava. Here are some of the command in case you forgot! cd [folder name] -changes your current directory to the name of the directory given % cd CS180 mkdir [folder name] -creates a new folder in the current directory
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% mkdir project2 drjava [file name] – opens DrJava, file name optional % drjava Projector.java Here is a zip file with all the files you need. 4. The Story [Fictional]* Purdue University has recently been contacted by the Boilerains on Purdation. It seems that they are engaged in a war with their evil neighbors, the Hoosatairians of Iuadon. This battle has raged for centuries. Just recently Space Force of the Boilerains received a grant to train more fighters. However, since the space surrounding the planet is full of fighting, they have no way of training the new pilots. This is where you can help the Boilerains fight the good fight and defeat the Hoosatairians. The simulation that the Boilerains are in most need of is a basic maneuvering simulation. They need you to create a program that will train their fighters to both avoid and collect objects as they fly
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CS180 Project 2 - CS180 Project 2: Simple Space Simulation...

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